Acoustic control in HVAC installations can be addressed through a combination of careful system selection and an effective insulation solution.

Acoustic control in HVAC installations is critical to prevent sound generated by the HVAC units, air turbulence within ductwork and drainage waste systems.

To reduce the effects of noise disturbance, most countries have established limits for maximum admissible sound levels, dependent on the use of the building. In addition to meeting local and national regulations and standards specific to the HVAC installation, however, it is important to remember that the primary function of HVAC installations is to improve user comfort, and designers must not ignore the potential for noise discomfort generated through the installation.

One of the most popular ways of tackling potential HVAC noise issues is through a combination of careful selection and design of the HVAC units and their associated duct and pipe distribution networks. Prime Thermal have the expertise to ensure this selection process is relevant and appropriate for each projects requirement.