Prime Thermal Limited offer a variety of versatile and cost effective firestopping solutions for addressing Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical Penetrations through Fire-Rated construction.

Intumescent firestop sealants are the go to products for individual or small grouped penetrations. While partnering Firestop Mortar with Intumescent Wrap Strips and/or Firestop Collars make a cost-conscious method of addressing oversized openings with a variety of plastics, cables and combustible insulations.

Composite Sheet firestopping is an ideal choice when addressing oversized openings with a variety of penetrations like the tops of shafts. Composite Sheet forms a robust permanent seal over large spans while providing a professional finished appearance.

In tightly packed spaces where space between pipes is at a minimum nothing competes with the ease of installation of the Firestop Pillow method. Available in a variety of sizes the Pillows make short work of tight spaces allowing for installation from a single side of the assembly.