Prime Thermal Limited’s core service is to provide thermal and acoustic Insulation to HVAC systems. We pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship, timely delivery, positive attitude and commercial competence.

To optimise energy efficiency and prevent condensation, HVAC infrastructure & equipment require effective thermal insulation to prevent heat loss and provide a complete vapour seal.

When HVAC systems are insulated with the correct materials, heat loss will be prevented resulting in the most effective and efficient use of energy.

Heating and Water Pipes

Pipes are an integral part of HVAC systems. Insulate your pipes to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. To maintain water temperature, within the correct margins, your pipes need thermal insulation.

There are various materials used which are manufactured by numerous suppliers, we enjoy healthy relationships with our supply chain partners and frequently product performance and specification relevance for each project.

The most common materials used are:

  • Mineral Rock Fibre
  • Mineral Glass Fibre
  • Phenolic
  • Nitrile Rubber



Thermal Insulated Ductwork

Ventilation systems require thermal insulation to restrict and control heat loss. For financial and environmental reasons, it is important you reduce unnecessary heat loss in ducts that transport warm air. Ventilation ducts transport either warm or cold air. This, together with the temperature and moisture content of the surrounding air and in the duct, will influence your choice of insulation solution.

The most common materials used are:

  • Mineral Fibre Ductwrap
  • Mineral Fibre Ductslab
  • Mineral Fibre Lamella Roll
  • Phenolic Ductslab



Fire Insulated Ductwork

Since ventilation ducts usually pass from one fire partitioning area to another, you will need proper fire protection in ducts and penetrations to prevent fire spreading inside the building. Prime Thermal can provide and install maintenance-free fire protection for the whole lifetime of the installation.